Monday, 16 March 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 3/12

I was super happy with this weeks training! The days were a little off, but that's how it is when you try and fit your workouts around your life. Never goes to plan! But I got all my runs/miles in! I even went like 0.2 miles over what I was supposed to do and got told off for over training by the app! Whoops ;) That is one of the features I do like about Nike Coach, that it gives you those little warnings. I remember last time I did this I went a little overboard with my miles and perhaps running too much but those little reminders helped me slow it down a bit! Running is extremely addictive and I get caught up in it all far to easily! 

The run I did on Monday was actually meant for Tuesday, but as Monday was my day off I thought I'd opt for the longer run on that day! It nice and early as I was also taking my sister to the station that morning too! Very rare I get up at that time on a day off, but I felt extremely productive doing so. Might have to do it more often. However, you've got to love a lie in!

Another early start with Tuesdays, I like to get my runs out of the way, especially if I have a full day of work ahead of me. I find if I leave it to the evening I will worry that I won't be bothered when I get home. Plus it clears my head and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day :) This was a slightly slower pace, I think it was due to the long run being on the Monday

This is another day where I swapped my runs around, I was meant to do this run on the Saturday but did it on the Friday as I was only doing a half day that day, yet a full day on the Saturday! I knew I would be too tired to do 6 miles after a full day! This is the longest distance I've done this year so far, so I was pretty happy with the pace too!

I didn't end up doing this on the Saturday as intended, so it was a Sunday morning run. And check out my pace! So happy with that, there was even a hill involved too! I absolutely put my all into this. The weather was perfect, cold and cloudy. I hate running with the sun beating down on me, so clouds are my best friend when there is no shade on my running route. This left me feeling refreshed and energised for a rather lovely Sunday with my boyfriend Will :)

Overall, I am happy with how week three turned out. My pace is starting to quicken again, and I am getting back to how I was before Christmas and my illness. Also I am getting through the longer distances quite well. I have 8 miles to do this week and I am terrified. However it's nothing I haven't done before so I should be fine!

Thanks for reading,
Rach x

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