Thursday, 5 March 2015

Half-marathon training: Week one and two

The first week is always the hardest, you have to re-find your routine. Kicking myself out of bed in the morning sure was a challenge, however definitely was not a regret. There is something about morning workouts which are more supreme than any other time of day. Running is such a great way to start your day off. This week consisted of a three mile run on Monday followed by a four mile on Tuesday, then two days off. Friday was three miles again and Saturday was four. It was relatively easy. I am still recovering from a horrible cold that I had at Christmas and it still hasn't quite gone away. Keeps coming back in waves. Considering I have been doing only 5kms for the past couple of months I am happy with my pace. It was a strong start it my 12 week program.
Week 2, a slower pace but more miles! Monday and Friday were 3 mile runs and Tuesday and Saturday were 5 miles! The first time I have done 5 miles this year - yay! Once again all morning runs! At the moment while I am still on the tail end of this cold it is harder and harder to go after work, the evenings are the worst. The weather is starting to get better too, still cold but the sun is shining - which in my opinion is perfect running weather!

This is a short overview, next weeks should be longer and I shall include some of my individual runs, just wanted to make this quickly as I am recapping two weeks worth! So make sure you check back to see how I am getting on! Even though I have done this program before I am hoping to see improvement on my times!

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