Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites 2015

I have a mixture of favourites this month from protein coffee to manga with some beauty bits and pieces in between. Decided not to film this one, much easier to type! Also this month I plan to blog about my half marathon training - I have already done this training program before and have decided to do it again! Hopefully doing a race in May! Exciting!

Body Building Warehouse Protein Coffee, in Caramel Macchiato flavour. This stuff is amazing, I am picky about my coffee, but this stuff is perfect. You can have it hot or cold and I have to say I prefer it cold, shaken with coconut milk. This is a perfect morning pick me up and means that I can have my caffeine and protein hit all in one go, which is really convenient! Plus it tastes great. Even my sister, the Starbucks Barista, who is even pickier about coffee than me loves it! So it's definitely one to try if you are looking to increase your protein intake in the morning.

Next up is Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Bright Transformer with SPF 35! This I bought in Japan and I think I have mentioned it in a previous post. I love this, it give my skin an added glow, I put it on after my primer and before my foundation. It evens out my skin tone slightly and just brightens my sometimes dull skin. It is also a great surface to apply foundation too. Although this product is not available in the UK and I have no idea if it ever will be I really do recommend it. You may have to get it off eBay or Ratuken though.

The foundation of the month is bareMinerals Original foundation in medium beige. I really do love this foundation and I have been wanting to try it for sometime. Finally, I got my hands on some in TK-Maxx in a set with other bits and pieces. Having super sensitive skin which doesn't seem to be reacting well to foundation at the moment I thought maybe this would be a bit better for it. And it really is, I have been using it for a little while now and my skin has cleared up and it's still a little dry but it's not as bad as it used to be. Being a powder I was worried it would be a little drying, however it's not, probably due to the amount of prepping I do to my skin. I like to set this with my Mac Fix+ and it gives a really nice finish. I can't wait to try more bareMinerals products.

The final make up product is Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner. This has been a favourite for a long time, I think I mentioned it in my eyebrow drawing post a while ago. The application is super easy and it lasts all day! Also it is easy to correct before it has properly dried!

Kosé Q10 Coenzyme Essence sheet mask. This is a really moisturising mask, I like to use these once a week and the thing I love about sheet masks are they really are no fuss. Place it on your face, relax for 5-10 mins and look scary while doing so, then remove and throw away, then pat the left over essence into your skin. No need to for water or to peel off little bits of (although that is really fun!) It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and moisturised, which is what it needs in the winter months.

The final favourite for this month is a manga by Junji Ito called Uzumaki. This is a horror manga about a town that is consumed by spirals, it certainly has it's creepy moments which made me shudder, and the ending is really quite perfect! Plus the artwork is really beautiful, especially on the coloured pages. I would really recommend this manga if you are wanting to read something quite dark and weird.

Also this lovely cat who was helping me blog today is included in my favourites :P

What are your favourites for February? Anything you think I should try? 

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