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5 reasons why you should start running

A view from one of my morning runs! Views like this are a reason why you should start!
Running is my therapy, it does so much for me and has completely changed my life in so many ways! Here are five reasons why you should start running!

1. It doesn't cost anything:
I would totally recommend running outside, there is nothing quite like feeling the wind through your hair and watching the wildlife. I can't stand the treadmill, so outside is definitely the more fun cheaper option. Sure, you do need to buy some suitable footwear, but if you are just starting out you can get some for quite reasonable prices here. I have bought from them before and they are always having sales! If it is a confidence thing that is not allowing you to go outside, try not to worry, passers by won't pay much attention to you, or care, and if they do anything negative then just remember you're better than them and you're a badass runner. The only people that really pay attention to you are other runners and that is always with a smile, a friendly wave or a hello, it just depends on how exhausted they are ;)

2. It's a great way to start and end the day:
Whether you're a morning person or an evening person, running is for you! I think running makes me into a morning person. It gets my endorphins flowing and puts me in a more positive mood for the rest of the day. But also at the same time, if I have had a really awful day running helps me to de-stress and it's like I am literally running away from all the negativity so I can move on from it all and enjoy the rest of my evening.

3. It's a time to think and reflect:
Running is my me time, time for me to think and plan. I very rarely run with another person. I do like running with people but one of the main reasons I run is for my mental health. It just clears away the cobwebs and gives me a more positive outlook on things. If something is bugging me, I go for a run, thinking about it. Discuss it with myself in my head and once my run is over I am usually over it. It's my escape from the world. It almost feels like time has stopped and I have this time to myself to think. I can't usually do it at home or at work as I have other things to do. So it is nice to have time to myself within nature to just reflect and escape from life for a bit (not that my life is horrible or anything, quite the opposite, however it can get a little stressful).

4. It's great for your body:
Weightloss!!!!! Another lovely benefit of running, I have lost quite a bit of weight from running as you can see from my blog post here. Although that is not the only benefit, it also builds muscle, especially if you want to focus on speed and run shorter distances. I also find it keeps my skin clear as sweating is detoxing my body. If I take a small break from running and start up again my skin for the first week is horrendous all over my body and I think that is because it's detoxing god knows what, after that my skin looks better than ever. As long as you don't go to extremes and over do it then your body will definitely benefit in many ways!

5. It improves your confidence:
This is probably the best one! Running has definitely given me more confidence, in so many ways. It has improved (in my opinion) my body shape, I have lost weight and toned up, which has made me happier with my appearance. But it's not only body confidence it has given me, it has shown me that I can conquer most things I put my mind to. Three/four years ago if you had said to me, in a few years time you will be able to run a half-marathon in 2 hours 3 minutes I would not have deemed it possible. Yet last year I did, I completed my goals one by one. This then translated over to other areas in my life, if I could conquer my running goals, I could surely work towards my life goals.  For example, I have definitely gained more confidence in my work environment which has helped me to progress. It makes you feel like you could take over the world sometimes!

I hope these reasons have inspired you in some way :)

Thanks for reading,
Rach x

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