Monday, 26 January 2015


So I had a lot of awesome foods when in Tokyo, so I am going to start off with some of my snack food favourites.

Avocado crisp stick things, I am not entirely sure what they are called all I know is they involved avocado, it was like deep fried avocado, so not exactly healthy but still tasted amazing! Plus there was a strange but cute cartoon on the back!

STARBUCKS!!! Yes, Starbucks is in Japan, and they have drinks that we don't have here in the UK. And the drinks that we have in common seem to taste better over there. Even my sister, who works at Starbucks agreed. On the left that is a coffee jelly frappuccino. Yup, you read that right, coffee jelly... Yes it is as disgusting as it sounds. It comes like a normal chocolate frappuccino but with a lump of jelly at the bottom. It was the texture which was the worse part. On the right though is my now most favourite Starbucks drink, the Matcha green tea frappuccino. It's delicious, like a cold, creamier matcha au lait.

 I also got some chocolatey treats. Crunky, is quite possibly now my one of my favourite chocolates. I have been lucky enough to find it in bars in the UK. It's milk chocolate with cereal pieces in it- it's so good! There pink ones are strawberry biscuit cones and the other one is cookies and cream chocolates, which were like mini pocky sticks.

Pancake, bacon, scrambles egg, toast, clotted cream and maple syrup
And finally, my Anna Miller's breakfast which I had most mornings, such a good combination of food on one plate. Turns out that the Anna Miller's in Shinagawa is the last one in Japan. So glad that this was right next to our hotel! They also have freshly made pies too! Which were delicious and there were around 30 different flavours, made a perfect late night treat. The pie here is a chocolate and banana cream pie and my sister had an apple pie with ice cream. Yum!

I shall do another food post, which will be more proper restaurant meals and cocktails

Rach x

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