Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I'm going insane: Workout update.

Not in the way you think! I am currently into week 4 of Insanity, the 60 day workout plan! And I love it. Shaun T the fitness instructor is such a nice guy, unlike Jillian Michaels who can be a bit mean (still love her though!), I think that motivates me because he's so friendly. But I must say this is the most hardcore workout routine I have ever done! I've complete the 30 day shred a few times, and I have to say Insanity is 100 times better, works you a lot harder and you get results a lot quicker. Plus you have the fit test which helps you measure your growing fitness level. I am finding muscle definition in places I thought I never would!  My muscle mass has gone crazy, I think I must have the body type that just builds muscle, because I have lost no weight but I am currently comfortably sitting in a pair of what I think are size 10 Topshop jeans, so I am definitely getting results (it's not all about what it says on the scale). I shall post my ab definition, it's not much but I am happy with it, just need a lot more fat loss!

I am doing it with Will, so we can both motivate each other, we haven't been so clean on the eating side of things, but we plan to sort that when I get back from my holiday in the North. But it's nice to have a boyfriend who not only supports me in my fitness but also joins in, rather than complaining constantly that it is too much hard work!

My one complaint about Insanity is it wrecks your workout shoes, so don't do it in a decent pair of trainers! I did it in my Nike running shoes and they were knackered by the third week and just hurt my feet. It has just ruined the cushioning and when I went running the other day my feet were aching within the first mile >.< But luckily my sister is rescuing me and buying me an early Christmas present, some Nike IDs, although it will probably take until Christmas for me to decide the colour and style! But I can't wait to go on to runs without my feed aching.
And here is my run from the other day:
6 and half miles, I have to say my legs are finding furthers distances easier, I have built up more leg muscle through insanity- all those power squats and what not.  My lungs are finding it difficult to keep up with my legs!

So basically, if you have ever been thinking about doing Insanity, do it! You will not regret it, it takes no time to do each day and it makes you feel great (and a little achy). And I am so far into it now that I don't want to give up and have to start again! So that is motivation! I am so glad I have converted to a healthier lifestyle! I am much happier for it!

Here is my "fitblr" if you are interesting in my fitness journey: Rachel Runs from Zombies