Saturday, 7 September 2013

Current workout routine.

Left: Myself at my heaviest a few years ago| Right: My current

In order to help me with my motivation I thought I would post this here. In the last couple of months things
got really bad for me, it is all good now, perfect really. But throughout that time my working out suffered. In the past 2 years I have lost 60 pounds in weight! I am so proud of myself and I definitely do not want to go backwards. So the past week I have been working hard to get back into a working out routine. The boyfriend has been an amazing help! Motivating me and suggesting to me when I perhaps am doing too much exercise (which is something I did before and is why I had to stop).

So my main exercise is running. This is something I really got into last November.  I did Zombies! Run!'s version of couch to 5k and never looked back. If you want to get into running and love zombies I seriously suggest their apps! Check out their website here. They motivate you because you want to hear the rest of the story. I don't use Zombies Run! as much anymore, my main app now is Nike+ Running. I love this app because it is so social and I am currently having a competition between myself, my sister and my boyfriend- which is definitely motivating. Today I did my first over 10km run in about two months and I was so happy!

I love the interface for this app as well, you get to pick your mood during your run and it tells you the temperature and just breaks down your run really well. Plus you can look at it in more detail on their website! You can also do challenges and compete with yourself each month. I am hoping to be half marathon ready by next summer!

Also for toning the boyfriend and I are doing 30 day challenges, Squats and Abs. I am currently 3 days behind on the squats because I don't know why but my legs are not making it easy- better to let those muscles rest than to push them too hard! But I am on it with the ab workouts. I also want to get back into using my kettle bell, that creates some serious ab definition! We've even got little charts stuck up on our whiteboard as a constant reminder. It's certainly hard work but in 30 days it will be worth it! This is the 30 day squat challenge we are doing and this is the ab challenge, if you fancy joining in :)

Finally, I am also doing a bit of yoga, a few months ago I really wanted to be able to do a head stand, and I was far far away from being able to do that then, even more so now haha. So I am easing myself back into a bit of yoga, I am trying to do it every day. This is my favourite video! It's only 10 mins so it is perfect if you are in a rush. But I plan to build this up eventually.

My overall goal for this is to be fit, toned, healthy and most importantly happy! I do not wish to lose weight but to lose fat.I don't wish to be overly muscular but have some nice muscle definition. My diet still needs a bit more work, but I am getting there and I will do a post on that once I have gotten back into the swing of clean eating.

So do you exercise at all? If you do, do you have any tips for me? Also any yoga video suggestion I would be grateful for :)


  1. Oh wow, you've done really well! I'm contemplating doing some running, but the idea of being sweaty out and about on the street doesn't really appeal to me much, haha! x

  2. Thanks :) I was always worried about that but I started and would be paranoid that everyone was looking at me and judging me all the time- but eventually got over it haha x