Monday, 9 September 2013

August through Instagram

So I did this once before, posted up some instagram photos, it's nice to have them all together in one place on my blog! August was an amazing month, as you will see from a post a year ago I was really into this guy called Will, well August was the month Will and I decided to make it official as boyfriend and girlfriend :) I just realised I kept calling him "the boyfriend" so I decided as he gets featured a lot to give him a name haha!  So here we go!

Stole the boyfriend's t-shirt || Will on date night, I love my man in a suit <3 || My favourite Monster: Rehab Green Tea || Tomb Raider Chronicles, downloaded it on PS3! One of my favourite games

Will and I  || Starting my new uni module! || My arm in a bandage after falling during a run || Just after the run, and my bloody elbow.

My first run after a month of no running || Cooked breakfast. So good!! || Treated myself, new skincare goodies and Soap and Glory || New dress from New Look 

Reading while Will works || Flowers from Will, he surprised me after work one night || My keys to the Will's flat! || I fell in love with this Green Tea drink in the States and found it in a shop near me! I love Green Tea flavoured things 

Boyfriend being lovely || DS time, gotta love Animal Crossing: New Leaf || My sister came home for a few weeks :D || Lunch by the river with Will.

Hope you guys all had a good August and enjoyed the sunshine!

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