Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vaseline: Spray and Go.

So like I do pretty much everyday, I walked into Boots for my lunch and this stand caught my eye. A spray on moisturiser. I know it's nothing huge as you can get spray tans and such, but I just thought it looked so cool. As it was before pay day I decided to hold off on this purchase.

Yet when in town shopping with the boyfriend, I was like I have to show you this cool new product, he too was drawn to it and pretty much persuaded me to get it then and there (we will blame him for this impulse buy ;))... and now I know why, he's kinda stolen it. But not complaining as I got the Cocoa Radiant one and it smells amazing, who doesn't want their man to smell great? Even if it is a little feminine ;)

So I would say the consistency of this moisturiser is quite light, maybe even a little oil like, which doesn't bother me because once it has been rubbed in it makes your skin so soft and smells amazing. This is definitely my favourite cocoa buttery smell I have come across. While being really moisturising it doesn't make you feel clammy and horrible in ridiculously hot weather. I don't really have super dry skin so I don't know how well it would work on that. Due to it's slightly oily, thin consistency (I think they had to do that because how else would they be able to spray it out of a can?). It makes a great massage oil, sprayed it on the boyfriend's back and topped it up now and then.

However, for the price, I think I got it for £4.99, it maybe considered not worth it as you can get many body lotions/moisturisers for much cheaper that do the job just as well. It's just the convenience of spraying the product on. I guess it could save you a couple of seconds in the morning, spray, rub in, go. Rather than having to mess around with getting a product out of a bottle. It looked so much easier to apply, and I am so lazy with moisturising, and quite frankly that is why the product appealed to me, because it was something exciting and it just looked more simple that messing around with bottles, pots, getting product under your fingernails, getting too much out of the bottle accidentally. All these things aren't the end of the world, but they are a nuisance and the spray can gets rid of this. Although you can accidentally spray it everywhere, but luckily it doesn't stain!

There are two other scents, Aloe Fresh and Total Moisture. However I must say that while the others are nice, Cocoa Radiant is definitely the best (and it's the one my local Boots have sold out of at the moment!). It's not to rich and not too sweet for my personal taste, some cocoa butter scents can be quite heavy and over powering, this one is just right for me.

Would I recommend this product? Yes. If you're lazy like me and don't like the hassle of a moisturiser in a bottle or pot then this is the product for you. Would I buy it again? Probably, although I might have to get another bottle for myself as someone has stolen mine ;)

What do you think of the Spray and Go? Waste of money or something that you would find convenient?

Also a quick side note, my Illamasqua order is meant to be coming today, squeeeee, seriously cannot wait!

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