Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lime Crime's Babette

I think my lipstick is somewhere! Haha
First of all, super impressed with love make ups delivery time- ordered it yesterday early afternoon and it arrived this morning! Must say the packaging was a little extreme. A massive box for a tiny lipstick!

So I'm only just getting into the nude shades, so when one of my favourite make up brands releases a new nude shade I had to go for it! I'm trying to be less extreme for work, as I plan to climb up the management ladder and want to look more professional.

The packaging is once again gorgeous- as with all Lime Crime products, the sparkly unicorn and the deep pink colour- this just is an added bonus because who doesn't want their make up collection to look pretty? I also hate throwing away their cardboard containers because they too are so pretty. But I sadly don't have the space for them.

Now for the lipstick itself, it's thick and highly pigmented and a lovely corally pink colour. This compliments my natural work look so nicely. It also appears to be long lasting, but I have yet to put this to the test. Can't wait to wear it to work on Friday! It's really moisturising, which is good at the moment because my lips re so dry in this heat ( I think they may have had a bit of sunburn whoops) but this seems to go on well.

However, unlike other Lime Crime lipsticks this one doesn't haven't that lovely vanilla scent, while its not essential to the product, I always found it was a nice tough and I was a bit gutted!

Overall this lipstick is perfect for the natural nude look, and I am pleased with the colour! And it shall definitely be my staple work lipstick. Lime Crime is definitely my favourite company for lip products.

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