Saturday, 17 August 2013

Illamasqua: Hydra Veil

I've been wanting to try this product ever since it first came out! But at £27 it was a little pricey for my budget. But when you want something enough you have to get your hands on it! I must say I definitely do not regret it, and it is completely worth the money. It has very quickly become a make up favourite of mine! It works so well under my make up, it's just such a great base!

The way that it is packaged is great! I love that you lift the lid and there is an extra layer of protection from leaks, which is ideal when I technically am living in two different places at the moment and have to move my make up around. The little spatula you get with it, is a great addition but a much needed one, I am not sure how you would get the product out without it! It just means you don't have to fiddle about and get the product everywhere and under your nails, you just can get the right amount out so there is no wasting! Which at this price you definitely do not want to do!

The best way to describe this product is it's like a jelly, which is an odd consistency, hence why you need the spatula to get it out of the pot!

You just need to scoop a tiny bit of product out with the spatula, a lot goes a long way! When you start to rub it into your face it feels really silky and soft, makes my skin feel amazing and really moisturised. My skin just soaks it up! It has a nice subtle scent to it, which is a nice touch and not too over powering, or chemically smelling. It also makes a perfect base for my make up as well, it stays all day with this stuff, I have now definitely thrown away the idea of re purchasing my MAC Prep and Prime Skin Visage!

I absolutely love Hydra Veil, it definitely for me lives up to the hype that has been created around it! As a little goes a long way it would seem that this pot would last a while, making the £27 completely worth it! It just feels so luxurious on my skin! Even my boyfriend loved the feel of it on his skin (he was then a little embarrassed when he found out what it was, but he shouldn't just put something on his face because I have told him to out of excitement haha!) I would totally recommend this product, I don't think I have fallen in love with a beauty product so quickly before! I will be repurchasing when this pot runs out!

What do you think of Hydra Veil? Do you want to try it? Have you tried it? Illamasqua are also offering a free sample at the moment if you spend £55 or more! So get shopping! ;)

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