Wednesday, 28 August 2013

August Wishlist!

So pay day is in 2 days and I am sat here dreaming of everything I want to buy, getting excited which will make these next few days drag. But I thought I would share the products that I have my eye on.

Urban Decay All Nighter- make up setting spray (£19.50): So this one has been a want for a while now, when I am working all day I need something that will keep my make up in place, especially if I am doing a floor move or have a seriously busy day and get a bit hot. Plus when I am late to work my power walk to work can sometimes make my make up slide down my face haha. So I need something like this to keep it in place.

Urban Decay- brow box (£19): I have only just recently grown back my eyebrows so they are a bit patchy still. But when first growing them back I didn't want to purchase an expensive product when in the beginning there was a high possibility that I would just shave them off. So I have been using the MUA version of this. But now I want to upgrade to the Urban Decay one as I know I am going to keep my eyebrows like this for the foreseeable future. Plus it comes in a cute box and I think I would go for the Brown Sugar colour combo.

Illamasqua's Translucent pressed powder (£24): I currently own a the Mac Prep and Prime loose translucent powder and that is so messy! Especially when I take it in between my house and my boyfriend flat all the time it goes everywhere! So this compact version I feel would be easier to take around with me.

Illamasqua's Cream Blusher in Promise (£18): I have a real thing for pale pink blushers at the moment! I love them so much, perfect for summer but I will probably continue using them throughout the Winter. My staple one at the moment is Kat Von D's everlasting blush in Love Song- and I really don't want that to run out as it will be a pain to re-buy until I go back to the States. I love this colour a lot, I really don't like darker blushers or orangey ones so this one would be perfect for me.

My Illamasqua wish list is huge but that will probably be enough for this month, I really want the brush set but I feel that might have to be an xmas/birthday money spend.

Tomb Raider: Collector's Edition (£59): I already have the game, but when things like this are released along side it's hard to not throw my money at it. I am a huge Tomb Raider fan and have been for a seriously long time. I would get it for PS3. Another thing that I have been drooling over is the "The Art of Survival"(£20-£25)  which I see every damn time I go into Forbidden Planet- I pick it up and then decide it's too heavy to take home with me. Plus who is seriously excited about the comic series starting next February?  I am! Woooo!.

Trip to Pembroke in October: Hopefully I will be clever enough with my money to be able to treat my boyfriend to a trip away in October. My favourite house in the world is available to rent really REALLY cheap so I can't say no! Because you know two people need a 4 bedroom house! Granted in October Pembrokeshire won't be as sunny as this photo I took a couple of years ago. But it's such a beautiful place and perfect for relaxation. I am so proud of my boyfriend- he's been working so hard recently so a short break away is what he needs! But Autumn walks along the beach sounds pretty damn good right now.

So that is what I plan to buy with this months pay cheque but I will probably get a couple of things, and the trip to Pembroke is kinda my priority so once I have that all sorted then it's shopping time for me!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Illamasqua: Cream Foundation in shade 133

So this was one of my Illamasqua sale purchases. I have never tried a cream base foundation before so when I saw it at £7.50, I thought it was time to try it out. I got it in shade 133, which is 4th shade in from the lightest, I usually go for really pale, but the summer sun, sadly, tans me, so I went for a slightly darker shade. Also when I wore their skin base foundation in 02, one up from pure white, people kept thinking I was ill, but I really do love the deathly pale look! So I went for this slightly dark shade, which the website describes as "For light skin with neutral undertones". I really do like the colour and feel that it matches my skin tone well.

So having never used a cream foundation before I wasn't too sure what to expect. But as usual the packaging is beautiful, I love the simple black and the shape of the case, there is even sponge provided.

The consistency is quite thick, and from this I would say it is definitely a winter foundation, a bit to heavy for the summer. I applied it to my face with the sponge using Illamasqua's Hydra Veil as my base (amazing product) and then blended it with my Techniques buffing brush which left a really nice finish. Finishing it off with Mac's Prep and Prime translucent powder to set it. I loved applying the cream foundation, the sponge however didn't leave the best finish hence why I had to use the buffing brush.

This is the foundation on my face (excuse the messy wet hair and I grew my eyebrows back!), it gives a lot of coverage, and it is easy to build up more if you're having a really bad skin day. But it has a nice smooth finish and I think I was lucky with the tone as it matches me quite well. It's always difficult with buying online, you never know what the real shade it, but Illamasqua's pictures online are quite accurate! It also has a lot of staying power.

And for this is my final look for that day. Messy shower hair once again.

And the other products I used:

  • Mac Prep and Prime: Vibrancy eye primer
  • Kat Von D: lock-it tattoo concealer
  • Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes mascara
  • Rimmel: Exaggerate Eyeliner
  • MUA: Pro-Brow
  • Kat Von D: Everlasting Blusher in Love Song
Overall, I really love this foundation, but it hasn't quite knocked my Mac foundation off my daily routine, but I would definitely use this for travelling as it is light and compact, and like I said before I found it too heavy for the summers day I wore it on, so it is definitely something I will be using for this winter. I'm glad I tried this product and once again Illamasqua never fails to impress me.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Illamasqua: Hydra Veil

I've been wanting to try this product ever since it first came out! But at £27 it was a little pricey for my budget. But when you want something enough you have to get your hands on it! I must say I definitely do not regret it, and it is completely worth the money. It has very quickly become a make up favourite of mine! It works so well under my make up, it's just such a great base!

The way that it is packaged is great! I love that you lift the lid and there is an extra layer of protection from leaks, which is ideal when I technically am living in two different places at the moment and have to move my make up around. The little spatula you get with it, is a great addition but a much needed one, I am not sure how you would get the product out without it! It just means you don't have to fiddle about and get the product everywhere and under your nails, you just can get the right amount out so there is no wasting! Which at this price you definitely do not want to do!

The best way to describe this product is it's like a jelly, which is an odd consistency, hence why you need the spatula to get it out of the pot!

You just need to scoop a tiny bit of product out with the spatula, a lot goes a long way! When you start to rub it into your face it feels really silky and soft, makes my skin feel amazing and really moisturised. My skin just soaks it up! It has a nice subtle scent to it, which is a nice touch and not too over powering, or chemically smelling. It also makes a perfect base for my make up as well, it stays all day with this stuff, I have now definitely thrown away the idea of re purchasing my MAC Prep and Prime Skin Visage!

I absolutely love Hydra Veil, it definitely for me lives up to the hype that has been created around it! As a little goes a long way it would seem that this pot would last a while, making the £27 completely worth it! It just feels so luxurious on my skin! Even my boyfriend loved the feel of it on his skin (he was then a little embarrassed when he found out what it was, but he shouldn't just put something on his face because I have told him to out of excitement haha!) I would totally recommend this product, I don't think I have fallen in love with a beauty product so quickly before! I will be repurchasing when this pot runs out!

What do you think of Hydra Veil? Do you want to try it? Have you tried it? Illamasqua are also offering a free sample at the moment if you spend £55 or more! So get shopping! ;)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vaseline: Spray and Go.

So like I do pretty much everyday, I walked into Boots for my lunch and this stand caught my eye. A spray on moisturiser. I know it's nothing huge as you can get spray tans and such, but I just thought it looked so cool. As it was before pay day I decided to hold off on this purchase.

Yet when in town shopping with the boyfriend, I was like I have to show you this cool new product, he too was drawn to it and pretty much persuaded me to get it then and there (we will blame him for this impulse buy ;))... and now I know why, he's kinda stolen it. But not complaining as I got the Cocoa Radiant one and it smells amazing, who doesn't want their man to smell great? Even if it is a little feminine ;)

So I would say the consistency of this moisturiser is quite light, maybe even a little oil like, which doesn't bother me because once it has been rubbed in it makes your skin so soft and smells amazing. This is definitely my favourite cocoa buttery smell I have come across. While being really moisturising it doesn't make you feel clammy and horrible in ridiculously hot weather. I don't really have super dry skin so I don't know how well it would work on that. Due to it's slightly oily, thin consistency (I think they had to do that because how else would they be able to spray it out of a can?). It makes a great massage oil, sprayed it on the boyfriend's back and topped it up now and then.

However, for the price, I think I got it for £4.99, it maybe considered not worth it as you can get many body lotions/moisturisers for much cheaper that do the job just as well. It's just the convenience of spraying the product on. I guess it could save you a couple of seconds in the morning, spray, rub in, go. Rather than having to mess around with getting a product out of a bottle. It looked so much easier to apply, and I am so lazy with moisturising, and quite frankly that is why the product appealed to me, because it was something exciting and it just looked more simple that messing around with bottles, pots, getting product under your fingernails, getting too much out of the bottle accidentally. All these things aren't the end of the world, but they are a nuisance and the spray can gets rid of this. Although you can accidentally spray it everywhere, but luckily it doesn't stain!

There are two other scents, Aloe Fresh and Total Moisture. However I must say that while the others are nice, Cocoa Radiant is definitely the best (and it's the one my local Boots have sold out of at the moment!). It's not to rich and not too sweet for my personal taste, some cocoa butter scents can be quite heavy and over powering, this one is just right for me.

Would I recommend this product? Yes. If you're lazy like me and don't like the hassle of a moisturiser in a bottle or pot then this is the product for you. Would I buy it again? Probably, although I might have to get another bottle for myself as someone has stolen mine ;)

What do you think of the Spray and Go? Waste of money or something that you would find convenient?

Also a quick side note, my Illamasqua order is meant to be coming today, squeeeee, seriously cannot wait!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lime Crime's Babette

I think my lipstick is somewhere! Haha
First of all, super impressed with love make ups delivery time- ordered it yesterday early afternoon and it arrived this morning! Must say the packaging was a little extreme. A massive box for a tiny lipstick!

So I'm only just getting into the nude shades, so when one of my favourite make up brands releases a new nude shade I had to go for it! I'm trying to be less extreme for work, as I plan to climb up the management ladder and want to look more professional.

The packaging is once again gorgeous- as with all Lime Crime products, the sparkly unicorn and the deep pink colour- this just is an added bonus because who doesn't want their make up collection to look pretty? I also hate throwing away their cardboard containers because they too are so pretty. But I sadly don't have the space for them.

Now for the lipstick itself, it's thick and highly pigmented and a lovely corally pink colour. This compliments my natural work look so nicely. It also appears to be long lasting, but I have yet to put this to the test. Can't wait to wear it to work on Friday! It's really moisturising, which is good at the moment because my lips re so dry in this heat ( I think they may have had a bit of sunburn whoops) but this seems to go on well.

However, unlike other Lime Crime lipsticks this one doesn't haven't that lovely vanilla scent, while its not essential to the product, I always found it was a nice tough and I was a bit gutted!

Overall this lipstick is perfect for the natural nude look, and I am pleased with the colour! And it shall definitely be my staple work lipstick. Lime Crime is definitely my favourite company for lip products.