Saturday, 16 June 2012

Apologies and Updates.

I am so so sorry! I have abandoned Blogger for too long, I have been snowed under with university work and work work. So I have had barely any time to do anything decent on here. Because I usually just come home from work and sleep.

So as for work, I work in a clothes shop and I have been there for just over 5 months and they already want to train me as a top level sales assistant, which is why my hours have zoomed up. I am currently getting all trained up for that. I should be getting my keys and stuff next week so I can open and close the store. Also I will get bonuses when the store does well, so pretty happy about that. :D

As for university work, I am half way through my first module, and have booked myself onto my next module, "Exploring Philosophy" which is going to be pretty exciting, I have missed doing philosophy so much. It is my favourite subject by far. But I have a feeling it is going to make my course so much harder, therefore I am going to have to dedicate more time to it. But it's philosophy so I really do not care.

I have also started running again, and it's not any kind of running, it's running away from zombies haha. I recently downloaded the Zombies, Run! app for my iPhone, and I have to say, it is the best app I have ever downloaded. You basically run at whatever pace you want, but there are certain parts where Zombies are right behind you chasing you so you have to speed up for a minute, which I think it great because it really motivates you to run. I am currently only using it on my treadmill because I don't like running outside by myself, I am rather self conscious D: Any who, my friend Will downloaded the app ages ago and has yet to use it (which is absolutely stupid because he got it when it first came out for £8 haha) so we shall go out running together, which will be nice, and I think it's a harder workout, running outside rather than in a treadmill. I just hope he has the time next week to be chased by some zombies with me ^__^

Creeper cakes. Nom.

That creeper plush is just too cute.
Another thing I am hoping to do with Will is to make some creeper cakes, we both love Minecraft and I love the creeper, perhaps way too much considering he likes to blow my stuff up. But the creeper is so cute and I saw these on Tumblr the other day and immediately tweeted him the picture demanding we made them :P And is anyone else as excited as I am about the new range of creeper stuff on Jinx? I got the email a while ago now  but it work me up early and I was to excited to go back to sleep haha.

And as for Will in general, he's so sweet and lovely and sadly not my boyfriend, but I am glad to have him around and it's nice to not be in a relationship but have someone to be intimate with and know that they care. While it would be awesome if we were together, it's not really a possibility on either sides right now, we are both way too busy. :( Ahh, maybe one day when our lives stop being so hectic. We get on so well and have a laugh and such, but I really do not want to distract him from his career and I am not too sure how I would fit him in with all my stuff at the moment. If it is meant to be it will happen. In all honestly, I have wanted to be with him, on and off, for nearly three years now haha. But I'm happy with seeing him every now and then and yeaaah ;)

I also got some new Demonia boots the other day, how could I forget haha.  I am so in love with them, and they make me awesome and tall, which will be perfect for Combichrist this month :D

Right, sorry for this loooong update. I am sorry for not posting anything about make up :( but I can't afford anything new right now but I can guarantee on pay day I will go on a nice little make up spree and shall get back to the make up posts.

Hope you've enjoyed this little insight into my life, and I hope I can finally keep up with my blog and get round to catching up on all of yours. :)