Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sorry for lack of posts this week, and probably for the next few days. I have had a pretty awesome opportunity at work given to me, which means my hours have gone up and I haven't gotten used to it so I am tired all the time. But I do have M.A.C and Illamasqua products on the way- so I will do posts about them when they arrive, also have a MUA haul to post about, so hopefully I will get round to that soon.
I shall also explain all the stuff that is happening at work once certain people have been told about it- because I don't want to be a blabber mouth and then they stumble across this and find out that way.
But once I have sorted out the balance between work and uni stuff I shall be posting properly again :)


  1. You have been awarded the Laine Blogger award! Check it out here:

  2. we'll still be here, waiting :-D take your time!