Sunday, 6 May 2012

My week in pictures.

I have seen a few other blogs doing this so I thought I would jump onto the bandwagon as it looks like fun and I take way too many pictures of random stuff :P No idea how often I will do it though.

So here we go:

  • Sourz fusionz mixed alcoholic drink, Purple Twist flavour, I think it's relatively new and I'd never had it before, and it tastes so good, like love heart sweets- I was drinking this while hanging out with my friend Will on Wednesday night, I also introduced him to American Horror Story- best TV show ever, seriously suggest you all go and watch it :)
  • My sister and I decided to make coke floats with Baked Alaska Ben and Jerry's ice cream, was a little strange seeing white chocolate polar bears swimming about in your drink, but apart from that they tasted good, I hadn't had a coke float in so long.
  • My Minecraft necklace finally arrived from the States, after waiting nearly a month due to customs being silly. I love Minecraft and this creeper necklace was so cute, so I couldn't resist!
  • Another jewellery purchase arrived this week, my A is for Arsenic necklace which I bought on Monday, I also ordered a tote bag and once again got a nice little message from Amelia herself. I get too excited by these things.
  • A picture of me posing with my necklace, I love it so much and I like how it censors out my cleavage in this pictures haha.
  • And finally, I decided to paint my nails in Rimmel 60 Seconds Green with Envy with Rimmel Long Lasting Disco Ball over the top. It's a little bit bright for my usual style but I like it, and I should of taken a picture before work, as I chipped it quite a bit :/ stupid coat hangers..
How was everyone else's week? :)


  1. Ooo I'm really curious to try that drink now it it sounds niceeee :3
    Funky necklacessss


    1. They also do an Apple flavour as well, haven't tried it yet though. :)

  2. never heard of cola floats o.O but ben and jerry's is in it so it cant be wrong *lol*
    interesting pics, thanks for sharing!

    1. :O You should totally try a cola float, just ice cream with cola over the top- simple but amazing. And thanks :)

  3. love the nail polish colour x