Monday, 21 May 2012

Illamasqua Haul

To celebrate the last bank holiday Illamasqua decided to reduce certain nail polishes to £7.50 (RRP: £13.50) so I could not pass up on that! I bought my self three shades, Radium- a lovely lime green, Scarab- a dark glittery red and Poke- a rich glittery purple. I also got a red eye shadow. Plus they gave me 15% off for myself and a code to give to my friends! (Email me at, if you are interest in 15% off and I shall send you a code!)
Excuse the really shabby painting, I did this quickly
 just to display the colours and I am sleepy.
I am so happy with these! They are such nice colours, and totally worth the money, the glitter in Scarab and Poke is really fine and just makes them look shiny. I have been wearing poke for the past week and have gotten quite a few compliments, even the lady at the Tesco counter loved it and gave me a purple lighter just because it matched perfectly haha. Also they are thick enough that only one coat is needed. I thought the chunky square top would make it harder to apply, because I am used to slimmer lids, but I was wrong and there is no difference in difficulty between the square chunky lids and the normal ones. Definitely worth the money! Check out more nail polish shades here

RRP: £15.50

And finally the eye shadow, I desperately wanted a new red eye shadow so I got the shade Daemon, it's a really deep red, and I absolutely love it and can't wait to try out some looks with it! It's highly pigmented, and such a lovely red, some reds look like a dark pink, but this a proper red colour :) They also have a huge range of colours: so many that I am scared to go shopping on their site again as I might buy them all, but check them out here

I highly recommend Illamasqua, it is pricey but worth it! So what do you think of my purchases? Is there anything on their website that you want?


  1. Love the look of Poke, looks so vibrant and glam!

  2. scarab looks great! and yes, illamasqua quality is good :-D and id like to try their liquid metal eyeshadows <3

    hope you'll share some eyedos with us?

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    Emily x

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  5. I really wish I had bought some stuff in the sale. I am really regretting it now. Loving your blog.

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    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx