Monday, 21 May 2012

Illamasqua Haul

To celebrate the last bank holiday Illamasqua decided to reduce certain nail polishes to £7.50 (RRP: £13.50) so I could not pass up on that! I bought my self three shades, Radium- a lovely lime green, Scarab- a dark glittery red and Poke- a rich glittery purple. I also got a red eye shadow. Plus they gave me 15% off for myself and a code to give to my friends! (Email me at, if you are interest in 15% off and I shall send you a code!)
Excuse the really shabby painting, I did this quickly
 just to display the colours and I am sleepy.
I am so happy with these! They are such nice colours, and totally worth the money, the glitter in Scarab and Poke is really fine and just makes them look shiny. I have been wearing poke for the past week and have gotten quite a few compliments, even the lady at the Tesco counter loved it and gave me a purple lighter just because it matched perfectly haha. Also they are thick enough that only one coat is needed. I thought the chunky square top would make it harder to apply, because I am used to slimmer lids, but I was wrong and there is no difference in difficulty between the square chunky lids and the normal ones. Definitely worth the money! Check out more nail polish shades here

RRP: £15.50

And finally the eye shadow, I desperately wanted a new red eye shadow so I got the shade Daemon, it's a really deep red, and I absolutely love it and can't wait to try out some looks with it! It's highly pigmented, and such a lovely red, some reds look like a dark pink, but this a proper red colour :) They also have a huge range of colours: so many that I am scared to go shopping on their site again as I might buy them all, but check them out here

I highly recommend Illamasqua, it is pricey but worth it! So what do you think of my purchases? Is there anything on their website that you want?

First Blogger award!

Thank you Tilly from Until I'm Dazzled for my first blogger award :) Go and check her out here- she has an awesome blog.

The Laine Blogger Award

The rules are simple:

 1) Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
2) Blog about your award.
3) Give the award to five bloggers.
4) Let them know about it

So my five favourite bloggers that I pick are:

Alice from The Look Book
Kakuidori from o.O
Kaya from Toxic Tears
Wendi from Makeup Zombie
Ruby from Wake up, Make up

Seriously suggest you check them all out, and the person who picked me, as I always enjoy reading their blogs :)

Thanks again to Tilly for my first award :D

(Illamasqua post to follow, hopefully if I don't fall asleep in the next half an hour :))

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sorry for lack of posts this week, and probably for the next few days. I have had a pretty awesome opportunity at work given to me, which means my hours have gone up and I haven't gotten used to it so I am tired all the time. But I do have M.A.C and Illamasqua products on the way- so I will do posts about them when they arrive, also have a MUA haul to post about, so hopefully I will get round to that soon.
I shall also explain all the stuff that is happening at work once certain people have been told about it- because I don't want to be a blabber mouth and then they stumble across this and find out that way.
But once I have sorted out the balance between work and uni stuff I shall be posting properly again :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

My week in pictures.

I have seen a few other blogs doing this so I thought I would jump onto the bandwagon as it looks like fun and I take way too many pictures of random stuff :P No idea how often I will do it though.

So here we go:

  • Sourz fusionz mixed alcoholic drink, Purple Twist flavour, I think it's relatively new and I'd never had it before, and it tastes so good, like love heart sweets- I was drinking this while hanging out with my friend Will on Wednesday night, I also introduced him to American Horror Story- best TV show ever, seriously suggest you all go and watch it :)
  • My sister and I decided to make coke floats with Baked Alaska Ben and Jerry's ice cream, was a little strange seeing white chocolate polar bears swimming about in your drink, but apart from that they tasted good, I hadn't had a coke float in so long.
  • My Minecraft necklace finally arrived from the States, after waiting nearly a month due to customs being silly. I love Minecraft and this creeper necklace was so cute, so I couldn't resist!
  • Another jewellery purchase arrived this week, my A is for Arsenic necklace which I bought on Monday, I also ordered a tote bag and once again got a nice little message from Amelia herself. I get too excited by these things.
  • A picture of me posing with my necklace, I love it so much and I like how it censors out my cleavage in this pictures haha.
  • And finally, I decided to paint my nails in Rimmel 60 Seconds Green with Envy with Rimmel Long Lasting Disco Ball over the top. It's a little bit bright for my usual style but I like it, and I should of taken a picture before work, as I chipped it quite a bit :/ stupid coat hangers..
How was everyone else's week? :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another London post.

I have been slacking with the blogging, and  I went to London like two weeks ago, so this post is slightly late- but never mind. This time I had money so I had a mini shopping spree ^__^
The weather was crap, it just kept raining, and Craig and I got a bit wet, also my train was delayed but meant I could read some comics on the train and I wasn't too late, so not that bad, even though at the time I was really annoyed, however was glad to be on a warm train when it was pelting down with rain outside.
Didn't have bubble tea either :( mainly because I didn't want to walk about in the rain hunting out something which I had no idea of it's location so that can be found on a sunny day!
So first shop we went to was Forbidden Planet, it actually had a queue of people outside waiting for it to open (which Craig and I then joined) I bought a few comics/ graphic novels, think I ended up spending about £40... whoops, but all worth it for my newly acquired comic fascination. I got the first True Blood (I love the books and the TV show, new series in June woo!), The Walking Dead, the first one and Wolverine- Flies to a Spider. The Spider-Man one and Wolverine Weapon X are loans from Craig.
We also went to Selfridge's went and looked around the Illamasqua stand, well I did, Craig went off elsewhere, the stand was so pretty, but really expensive though so didn't get anything. I am going to have to save up quite a bit before I go on a proper Illamasqua spree D: I then moved onto the M.A.C. stand and had a look about there, it was near impossible to actually look at the stuff you wanted to because it was so busy, I pretty much gave up on it, I then told Craig to find me by M.A.C. to which he replied "yeah because I know what that is..." Bless. But also makes it apparent that he doesn't listen when I talk make-up.. Understandable haha. 

Then went to the food hall in Selfridge's I bought a lot of random crap haha:
  •  Nerds are just a staple in my diet really, they are so good. 
  • Milk Duds, are so simple yet taste like heaven, probably due to all the crap they put in there that isn't allowed in the UK haha, ahh well. My friends loved them, and three of us managed to pretty much eat a whole packet of them in like half an hour, they're are addictive.
  • Hershey's cookies and creme bar, I hate Hershey's chocolate, taste disgusting, however this seems to be an exception, I also like the kisses version of this flavour, any other type of Hershey's just makes my stomach turn. 
  • Razzles are so weird, they're like those love heart sweets but then they turn into gum, taste nice though. And Reese's white chocolate peanut buttercups are miles better than the original, but get sickly quickly. 
  • Jelly Belly  strawberry soda is the best drink ever, I think it is quite new, and comes in quite a few flavours, and is a little pricey but totally worth it.
That is pretty much all I bought, I did get Craig and I a pizza and our usual Starbucks. So yeah another great London trip despite  the awful weather, which is still awful, lets hope it cheers up for my next trip.
What are your favourite American sweets? Any suggestions of comics I should check out?