Sunday, 1 April 2012

London- 27/03/2012

So last Tuesday I went to London to see Craig and had an awesome day, even though we did pretty much exactly the same thing as we usually do, it's always nice to catch up face to face with the guy I consider to be my best friend.
I know I said I would wear my new Lime Crime black lipstick, but after the weather we've been having I thought it would be too hot, and wouldn't go with my slightly summery outfit, which consisted of short shorts, with fishnets underneath (not confident enough to get my legs out with nothing covering them!) and my Kreepsville bright green skeleton top, which Craig complained that I always wear, but when I get my A is for Arsenic top in the post I shall wear that next time :P
The weather was so lovely and it was a nice change compared to Craig and I walking about shivering in the cold and for the first time we got to sit out on a grassy area and just enjoy the sun while Craig kept saying he would jump on random women who were sunbathing to see if other people would also bundle on top. Haha.
We also had Starbucks, I did twice as Craig had to nip off to uni quickly in the morning- Had my new favourite, Caramel Macchiato, so goood and surprisingly not too sweet for me- I like my coffee black with no sugar, and the second time I had their China Green Tea (which is amazing I am drinking it by the bucket load at the moment) and Craig had the Caramel Macchiato, and he enjoyed it which is good because I had to choose it for him, as usual. Starbucks have started doing this whole name writing thing on cups, and they spelt my name wrong and added the extra "a" to Rachel, tut tut, although I think it's a great personal touch and I prefer the names being called out to the drink types, also makes it less confusing as people order such complicated drinks sometimes. Haha. But next time I go to London we are ditching Starbucks, and going for bubble tea at Bubbleology as it just looks so bright and delicious and a more summery refreshment! They also do toasted sandwiches, which are one of my favourite things in the world, a simple concept- but just so tasty.
A tradition of ours is to always go to Forbidden Planet, although we never buy anything as it is so damn expensive, it's nice to look about all the memorabilia and dream of owning it haha. They have a pretty extensive selection of comic, film and TV show stuff as well as a huge comic book collection, and a decent assortment of books. Definitely suggest you check it out if you are ever around Shaftesbury Avenue which is near Oxford Street and like that kind of thing.
I also am borrowing more comics off Craig, I have recently gotten into them, it's a nice change from novels and I love the artwork, currently so far my favourite character is Wolverine, he's such a badass; yet I have only read Spiderman, Punisher and Wolverine comics so far, I know there is a huge comic world out there for me to adventure into, but I am new to it all and have much to learn, as Craig had to explain to me a lot of the character's backgrounds and such.
So that's about it, I wish I had taken pictures, but I nearly always forget, obviously as I am having too much fun :P I cannot wait for my next trip to see him, which may not be for a while as I am saving up for a tattoo that funnily enough he drew for me- I shall post about it when it's done- hopefully in about a month. But I am so excited about the bubble tea, have any of you guys had it before? What are the tapioca bubbles like? Either way, I hope it's not a let down. :)

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