Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Starbucks Coffee: One

So Starbucks have recently released a new coffee blend which is part of their new range called the "Blondes collection" to go along side their medium and dark collections. Blonde, medium and dark are all different "measurements" I guess you could call it of how long the coffee beans are roasted, blonde being the least time and dark the longest. Blonde has a subtle flavour and is for those who don't like a strong coffee taste, where as dark is quite strong and you could say harsh tasting.
So the first one to launch, which was last week, was the Veranda Blend, I did quite enjoy it, even though I am one of those people who prefers a stronger coffee (my Mum says my coffee is so strong at times that you could probably stand a spoon in it) but it was nice to go for a coffee which was smoother for a change.
I have no idea how to describe the taste in great detail, I am no coffee connoisseur, but the packet calls it "soft and mellow" So if you prefer your coffee to be weaker tasting, yet do not want to compromise the caffeine content then this is for you .

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