Monday, 12 March 2012

Pay day

Pay day is tomorrow and I have finally twisted my own arm into allowing myself to buy some Lime Crime lipstick. At £11.50 it is the most I have ever spent on a lipstick, however I have heard that it is a decent brand so I shall try it out for myself.
I am getting it in "Styletto" which is a nice black colour, while I do have two other black lipsticks they never last, so I am hoping that this shall be a good quality black that won't fail me. True layering your lips with black eyeliner first is meant to help but that always makes my lips so dry even if I moisturise them first. I hope this stuff works. If it doesn't it is still pretty to look at. So I am looking forward to my purchase that I will make tomorrow morning.

Another thing on my shopping list is book three of 1Q84, I have read the first two books and have been completely drawn in by the story, in a way it has submerged me into the world of 1Q84 and it took a few hours after finishing book two for me to arise out of it. That is all credit to Murakami who wrote a beautiful story full of mind blowing metaphors. In all honesty I hope for this story to never end. I need book three ASAP!
I may also have to buy the new Twilight DVD that came out today, I do like that mindless drivel and I completely and utterly blame my brother for getting me into it in the first place! He bought me the first book and now insists that I watch the movies so I can discuss them with him.

Then the rest of my money needs to be saved for my trip to London which should be happening next Tuesday as long as work doesn't change my shifts and if Craig continues to be free. It's been a month so I better get to see him or someone shall get hurt...

Cannot wait to finally have money! (Although it won't last that long)

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