Sunday, 25 March 2012


So the other day, well actually a week ago, I went into town to get a free coffee off my sister (yay for her working in Starbucks) and promised myself that this would not involve buying make-up. But oh guess what, I failed... Again. Silly make-up addiction.
So after wandering around town I find myself in Superdrug, and GOSH had a 3 for 2 offer on and this made me decide it was a good day to update my foundation, as my other one is like 6 months old. As GOSH is quite expensive, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the brand.
So after about half an hour of trying out testers and deciding what colour to go for I bought a primer, foundation, and a foundation brush.

Cost: £9.99
The foundation brush is so soft, and barely leaves any brush marks when applying, due to the bristles being so fine which I was pleased about It also comes with a little plastic cover to keep the shape of the brush and protect it from the elements of the outside world when your not using it. It also claims to be hypo-allergenic, which is good because I am prone to eczema break outs from time to time.

Cost: £13.99
The foundation and primer,
 sorry if you can't see  it too well,
 it looked okay on my iPhone,
also made it look more orange
 than it is.
The primer is GOSH velvet touch foundation primer cream which contains Organic Calendula Oil (which is meant to have healing and soothing properties). It's pretty much a moisturiser and even says on the bottle you can apply without using a moisturiser first, I always apply moisturiser though as I have dry skin. This primer smooths out the skin and creates a good base for the foundation, I have never used a primer before, always just slapped on my foundation after using a moisturiser, but with a primer it makes the foundation look so much nicer and the skin softer and smoother.
My sister just used this under her foundation and was so happy with the results (not sure which foundation she used) but she said it made the application of her foundation quicker as it just glided on, also it made it look less cakey and smoother and is now planning to purchase some!

Cost: £7.99

Next the foundation, is GOSH X-Ceptional Wear in Ivory, it claims to be long lasting, which after wearing it at work all week that has proven to be right, and light reflecting. Usually most "pale" foundations are a bit too orangey, but this one is paler than my last foundation (Bounjois 10 hour sleep effect in Abricotè Clair) and even my sister commented on the fact I looked slightly paler than with my other foundation (yay). This foundation is not too chalky and doesn't dry out my skin, which is a bonus, it also goes well with my complexion, or well the pale complexion that I go for.

As you can see as it had been blended
 in you can't tell where it is so it must be right for
my skin tone.

So here is the finished look, the powder I use is Collection 2000 in Ivory and the concealer is Natural Collection in fair (I think as the text on it has rubbed off)

So overall rather pleased with my GOSH purchases... Even though I wasn't meant to. But you have to be naughty sometimes ;) It should have cost me £31.97 but with the 3 for 2 deal it came to £23.98 and I also has £2 on my Superdrug Beauty card so it only cost me £21.98. I think the 3 for 2 offer is still on, so go and check out their products!

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  1. great you got that awesome deal, esp. with a foundation like that :-D

    and also congrats to having a sister that works at starbucks O__O can i borrow her from time to time? (= every day for 1-2 visits? *cough*)