Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eyebrow drawing: What I use.

I guess I have been drawing on my eyebrows now for about a year and a half. I remember the day I decided to take the plunge, and to be honest I am glad I did, even though in the beginning my eyebrow drawing skills weren't the best. Through out my time of having no eyebrows I have used many products to draw them on, and these are the three I have used the most.

We will start with the product I first used to draw them on, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, I found it was much easier to use a pencil in the beginning to get use to drawing them on as the applicator was firmer and would not go all over the place making it more accurate, if you want a more defined look you can always go over it with liquid eye liner. Plus pencil eye liner is easier to correct when you make a mistake, which happens a lot when you first start drawing them on.

Before long I abandoned the pencil and went onto liquid and my favourite liquid eye liner was Rimmel Exaggerated Eye liner, I liked this one the most because it was the easiest to apply, the applicator was foam and quite firm which once again meant you can be more accurate with applying. This is also relatively easy to correct when a mistake is made. The liquid is more bold than the pencil plus I found it lasted longer with everyday wear. Although one downside to this is when it starts to get old it starts to crack when you wear it and small sections of your eyebrow may start to peel off, I just took it as a sign to buy a new one. I would say one of these lasts a good three months

After using liquid eye liner for a while I decided to try gel eye liner, the one I use is Maybelline Eyestudio lasting drama gel liner. It comes in a pot with a small applicator brush. This is a little harder to apply due to having to use a brush, however once you get use to it it's fine. I much prefer this to any others that I have used before. It just glides so well across the skin, it is a little harder to correct due to it being so stubborn to remove, yet in the long run that is a plus as it means it won't rub off your face during the day! It also is not prone to cracking and you can make some lovely soft shapes with it when doing your arches.

Gel liner (right) liquid liner (centre) and pencil liner (left)
So here are swatches of all three as you can see the gel liner is slightly darker while the liquid is more defined. I decided to do some little tests on the three.
Pencil liner (top), Liquid liner (center) and Gel liner (bottom)
The first test I did was to wipe a cotton pad over them to see which on lasted, all three of them were pretty resilient and just slightly rubbed off. This goes to show that they won't just come off during the day, as no one wants eye brows which are half gone.

Pencil liner (top), Liquid liner (center) and Gel liner (bottom) 
Next I put some eye make up remover (the brand was Simple) on a pad and wiped over them, as you can tell the gel liner still remains, where as the liquid is almost completely gone and the pencil has left a tattoo line. This shows that gel eye liner is long lasting, even though it is a pain to remove. Now I use the gel liner all the time and I prefer it to all three, I prefer applying my eyebrows with a brush, even though it takes more time to get used to, and it seems to last the best.

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  1. This is a great review!
    I've had so many eyeliners! IDK which ones to get!