Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eyebrow drawing: What I use.

I guess I have been drawing on my eyebrows now for about a year and a half. I remember the day I decided to take the plunge, and to be honest I am glad I did, even though in the beginning my eyebrow drawing skills weren't the best. Through out my time of having no eyebrows I have used many products to draw them on, and these are the three I have used the most.

We will start with the product I first used to draw them on, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, I found it was much easier to use a pencil in the beginning to get use to drawing them on as the applicator was firmer and would not go all over the place making it more accurate, if you want a more defined look you can always go over it with liquid eye liner. Plus pencil eye liner is easier to correct when you make a mistake, which happens a lot when you first start drawing them on.

Before long I abandoned the pencil and went onto liquid and my favourite liquid eye liner was Rimmel Exaggerated Eye liner, I liked this one the most because it was the easiest to apply, the applicator was foam and quite firm which once again meant you can be more accurate with applying. This is also relatively easy to correct when a mistake is made. The liquid is more bold than the pencil plus I found it lasted longer with everyday wear. Although one downside to this is when it starts to get old it starts to crack when you wear it and small sections of your eyebrow may start to peel off, I just took it as a sign to buy a new one. I would say one of these lasts a good three months

After using liquid eye liner for a while I decided to try gel eye liner, the one I use is Maybelline Eyestudio lasting drama gel liner. It comes in a pot with a small applicator brush. This is a little harder to apply due to having to use a brush, however once you get use to it it's fine. I much prefer this to any others that I have used before. It just glides so well across the skin, it is a little harder to correct due to it being so stubborn to remove, yet in the long run that is a plus as it means it won't rub off your face during the day! It also is not prone to cracking and you can make some lovely soft shapes with it when doing your arches.

Gel liner (right) liquid liner (centre) and pencil liner (left)
So here are swatches of all three as you can see the gel liner is slightly darker while the liquid is more defined. I decided to do some little tests on the three.
Pencil liner (top), Liquid liner (center) and Gel liner (bottom)
The first test I did was to wipe a cotton pad over them to see which on lasted, all three of them were pretty resilient and just slightly rubbed off. This goes to show that they won't just come off during the day, as no one wants eye brows which are half gone.

Pencil liner (top), Liquid liner (center) and Gel liner (bottom) 
Next I put some eye make up remover (the brand was Simple) on a pad and wiped over them, as you can tell the gel liner still remains, where as the liquid is almost completely gone and the pencil has left a tattoo line. This shows that gel eye liner is long lasting, even though it is a pain to remove. Now I use the gel liner all the time and I prefer it to all three, I prefer applying my eyebrows with a brush, even though it takes more time to get used to, and it seems to last the best.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Starbucks Coffee: One

So Starbucks have recently released a new coffee blend which is part of their new range called the "Blondes collection" to go along side their medium and dark collections. Blonde, medium and dark are all different "measurements" I guess you could call it of how long the coffee beans are roasted, blonde being the least time and dark the longest. Blonde has a subtle flavour and is for those who don't like a strong coffee taste, where as dark is quite strong and you could say harsh tasting.
So the first one to launch, which was last week, was the Veranda Blend, I did quite enjoy it, even though I am one of those people who prefers a stronger coffee (my Mum says my coffee is so strong at times that you could probably stand a spoon in it) but it was nice to go for a coffee which was smoother for a change.
I have no idea how to describe the taste in great detail, I am no coffee connoisseur, but the packet calls it "soft and mellow" So if you prefer your coffee to be weaker tasting, yet do not want to compromise the caffeine content then this is for you .

Sunday, 25 March 2012


So the other day, well actually a week ago, I went into town to get a free coffee off my sister (yay for her working in Starbucks) and promised myself that this would not involve buying make-up. But oh guess what, I failed... Again. Silly make-up addiction.
So after wandering around town I find myself in Superdrug, and GOSH had a 3 for 2 offer on and this made me decide it was a good day to update my foundation, as my other one is like 6 months old. As GOSH is quite expensive, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the brand.
So after about half an hour of trying out testers and deciding what colour to go for I bought a primer, foundation, and a foundation brush.

Cost: £9.99
The foundation brush is so soft, and barely leaves any brush marks when applying, due to the bristles being so fine which I was pleased about It also comes with a little plastic cover to keep the shape of the brush and protect it from the elements of the outside world when your not using it. It also claims to be hypo-allergenic, which is good because I am prone to eczema break outs from time to time.

Cost: £13.99
The foundation and primer,
 sorry if you can't see  it too well,
 it looked okay on my iPhone,
also made it look more orange
 than it is.
The primer is GOSH velvet touch foundation primer cream which contains Organic Calendula Oil (which is meant to have healing and soothing properties). It's pretty much a moisturiser and even says on the bottle you can apply without using a moisturiser first, I always apply moisturiser though as I have dry skin. This primer smooths out the skin and creates a good base for the foundation, I have never used a primer before, always just slapped on my foundation after using a moisturiser, but with a primer it makes the foundation look so much nicer and the skin softer and smoother.
My sister just used this under her foundation and was so happy with the results (not sure which foundation she used) but she said it made the application of her foundation quicker as it just glided on, also it made it look less cakey and smoother and is now planning to purchase some!

Cost: £7.99

Next the foundation, is GOSH X-Ceptional Wear in Ivory, it claims to be long lasting, which after wearing it at work all week that has proven to be right, and light reflecting. Usually most "pale" foundations are a bit too orangey, but this one is paler than my last foundation (Bounjois 10 hour sleep effect in Abricotè Clair) and even my sister commented on the fact I looked slightly paler than with my other foundation (yay). This foundation is not too chalky and doesn't dry out my skin, which is a bonus, it also goes well with my complexion, or well the pale complexion that I go for.

As you can see as it had been blended
 in you can't tell where it is so it must be right for
my skin tone.

So here is the finished look, the powder I use is Collection 2000 in Ivory and the concealer is Natural Collection in fair (I think as the text on it has rubbed off)

So overall rather pleased with my GOSH purchases... Even though I wasn't meant to. But you have to be naughty sometimes ;) It should have cost me £31.97 but with the 3 for 2 deal it came to £23.98 and I also has £2 on my Superdrug Beauty card so it only cost me £21.98. I think the 3 for 2 offer is still on, so go and check out their products!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lime Crime Candyfuture Lipstick

So my Lime Crime Candyfuture lipstick in Styletto arrived today! I ordered it yesterday morning and it came today, so that was a super fast delivery, I only paid for standard, it was also despatched on the same day of ordering. So thank you to Love-Makeup, I also got a 5% discount on my next order with them, I am seriously eyeing up some of their Sugar Pill range, so we shall have to see next pay day.
The Lime Crime Candyfuture lipstick was packaged in a rather cute pink box with a sparkly unicorn. And the actual lipstick was the same style and is really pretty. The looks of the packaging aren't everything, I know, yet it's nice to have aesthetically pleasing make up containers to display. I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging.
It is a really nice and glossy lipstick which contains fine glitter to make it more glamorous. Plus it isn't too sticky feeling, it makes my lips feel smooth and soft. Unlike other black lipsticks I have tried this one hasn't dried out my lips which is a bonus. All I did was simply line my lips with a black eye liner pencil and there appears to be no need for filling the rest of my lips in with eye liner to create a base, as the lipstick is thick and has great coverage which is good because it save time, eye liner and will stop dryness due to excessive eye liner .

It also smells of marshmallows, generally black lipsticks don't smell particularly great (they're usually really chemically smelling if you get what I mean) but when I tested it on my hand I could smell marshmallows and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was the lipstick. And now it's on my lips I keep getting wafts of  the marshmallow smell.
Lime Crime is also vegan and does not test on animals which is clearly stated, and as an animal lover this makes me happy, because these days you can never be too sure what has been tested on animals and what contains animal products, so to have that reassurance is always good! 

So far I am really happy with this lipstick and it was definitely worth the £14.95 (including postage) I spent on it. The Lime Crime Candyfuture lipsticks have a range of fantastic colours, here's a list of colours from the site I bought it from: clicky clicky.

This shall definitely be the lipstick I wear to London on Tuesday! After that I shall report on how well it lasted on a day out.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Pay day

Pay day is tomorrow and I have finally twisted my own arm into allowing myself to buy some Lime Crime lipstick. At £11.50 it is the most I have ever spent on a lipstick, however I have heard that it is a decent brand so I shall try it out for myself.
I am getting it in "Styletto" which is a nice black colour, while I do have two other black lipsticks they never last, so I am hoping that this shall be a good quality black that won't fail me. True layering your lips with black eyeliner first is meant to help but that always makes my lips so dry even if I moisturise them first. I hope this stuff works. If it doesn't it is still pretty to look at. So I am looking forward to my purchase that I will make tomorrow morning.

Another thing on my shopping list is book three of 1Q84, I have read the first two books and have been completely drawn in by the story, in a way it has submerged me into the world of 1Q84 and it took a few hours after finishing book two for me to arise out of it. That is all credit to Murakami who wrote a beautiful story full of mind blowing metaphors. In all honesty I hope for this story to never end. I need book three ASAP!
I may also have to buy the new Twilight DVD that came out today, I do like that mindless drivel and I completely and utterly blame my brother for getting me into it in the first place! He bought me the first book and now insists that I watch the movies so I can discuss them with him.

Then the rest of my money needs to be saved for my trip to London which should be happening next Tuesday as long as work doesn't change my shifts and if Craig continues to be free. It's been a month so I better get to see him or someone shall get hurt...

Cannot wait to finally have money! (Although it won't last that long)

First post

I am not new to blogging, I have always done the emotional "this is my life" blogging and I wish to move away from that and create something that could possibly be useful to others. So be nice, as this is the first time I have made something so public.
This shall mainly be about make up, a little bit of fashion, and maybe coffee. But it will be more lipstick than coffee I'm afraid.